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Kate asked in HealthWomen's Health · 3 months ago

Perimenopause and period that won't stop!?

I've been going through perimenopause for over 4 years now. I have dealt with many changes with my period throughout this time-shorter, longer, not so heavy one month, heavy the next month, non existent some months, or 2 in 1 month... In December my period lasted almost 3 weeks. Then it stopped for a week. It came back to bring in the new year on NYE night. I've been bleeding since. 1 day not so heavy, the next day very heavy, back and forth it goes like a little game I am completely sick of.

If it doesn't stop after 3 weeks like it did in December, I am making an appt to see the dr. 

I am wondering (or hoping) if maybe this could be the last period. Anyone have this happen to them? 

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