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What is the best AP Chemistry text book that you can recommend? (I need something to study with and Google only works so well.)?

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    When I was in the classroom (retired now), I used the textbook written by Steven Zumdahl. Get an older edition. Here's a listing from

    The book titled "Fast Track to a 5" is not something I've seen before (there's that retirement thing).

    The best chemistry book I ever saw was written by Bernice G. Segal. She died in 1989 so the books are older and not supported by additional stuff.

    Look at the Barron's AP Chemistry prep book. I thought it was well done, with lots of explanations and good practice tests.

    Here is a good online text:

    My web site has some good stuff (mostly HS chem, some AP level problems:

    This link:

    has some broken stuff, but look at the NChO menu. Lots of good problems in there that are at (and a bit beyond) the AP level.

    Try driving around to several local thrift stores. I have found some college-level textbooks from the 80's (and even back into the 50's). You might be able to find something helpful at a very cheap price. Try some of the bigger ones 9ask your mom for suggestions).

    If you Google "AP Free Response" and a year, you'll get links to each set of questions and answer files. I used to have a set with tests back to the 60's, but AP made me take them down. Old copies of my web site in the Wayback Machine might still have them.

    Best wishes in your studies.

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  • Dr W
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    1 month ago

    are you currently enrolled in an AP chemistry class?


    why do you suppose I asked that? could it be

    .. (1) if you're in an AP chem class, you're probably already assigned a book

    .. . .. and I wouldn't recommend wasting time looking at another book

    .. (2) it gives me an idea about your background what book might be 

    .. .. . appropriate

    .. (3) It's unusual for a person to ask "what AP chem book should I use"

    . .. .. me asking what class you're in gives me an idea of what you're up to.

    .. (4) all of the above

    yup.. (4) is the correct reason.

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  • 1 month ago

    Whichever your Chemistry teacher recommends.

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