What's supposed to happen if ur in another country and a hurricane comes?

Lets say I'm in Puerto Rico or the Bahamas and a 150mph hurricane comes through? Is it like being in the US during a hurricane as i have went through 4 in Florida

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  • MARK
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    1 month ago

    If I understand you correctly you want to know if a hurricane would be different on a Caribbean island than it would be in the USA. If that is your question the answer is no. Obviously, the wind speeds and the kinetic energy of hurricanes can differ but they could all differ in Florida and not just because of different locales.

    I would imagine that places like Puerto Rico and the Bahamas are not as well prepared as the USA; greater damage probably occurs to the infrastructure; there is likely to be more chaos and less of an organised response.

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  • 1 month ago

    A lot of homes and buildings in Puerto Rico/Bahamas are poorly built, and actually aren't able to withstand wind storms, let alone a Cat 4/5 storm (granted not many places on earth could). This is why you hear about these places getting so easily damaged by hurricanes, and its also why it takes a lot longer to rebuild (given how poor the countries are you listed).

    Puerto Rico is actually a mountainous country, this is where hurricanes tend to be ripped to shreds (before regaining strength back out in the ocean), depending on which part of the country you are in, it would be different than say Florida. Puerto Rico is a very poor country, so, in a hurricane power will go out, and it will remain out for a long time (think weeks/months on end), wheras if your in Florida it would take much quicker for power to be restored.

    The Bahamas are exposed to the ocean, which means when a hurricane of that calibre hits, its hitting with full force! The other thing that makes matters worse is the Bahamas are a very flat group of islands (highest point is 63M above sea level) which makes it prone to deadly flooding (rains, storm surge, tides etc), and keep in mind oceans surround it. The other thing about the Bahamas' is they are a tiny group of islands which means a hurricane when it blows through will take on the ENTIRE group, mostly as a direct hit, some indirectly. 

    The difference with Florida, while they can get rocked by hurricanes and are at low sea level is several things! 1) Its much easier to get out of dodge via plane (flights run a lot more frequently) and you can actually drive out of florida to other states rather easily 2) Most hurriances  that hit will either take on the south coast, or give a glancing blow to the coast, which actually limits the impact, wheras the islands you mentioned usually always take a direct impact from all hurricanes 4) Florida has an ocean between them/islands, which can actually allow hurricanes to steer away (if high pressure is set up), which goes back to my point above. Lastly, the US is a rich country, so any damage done, is responded to right way with funding and boots on the ground, its also a lot easier to get help on the ground there, because there isn't an ocean in between.

    I would hope that if your in either of these islands, and you KNOW in advance a hurricane is coming, you'd get the hell out of dodge, get on the first flight out to another country, I'm assuming US mainland if your american. You DONT want to stick it out on either of those counries when a major hurricane is barrelling through.

    What's supposed to happen if your in those countries? Well, a hurricane warning is usually issued 3-5 days before any of the impacts of the hurricane are felt on those islands, it gives people plenty of times to make preperations. Certain airlines will also increase flights to those countries days before landfall, they do this to help fly people out, granted once a hurricane is hours/day away, the airports are closed and flights cancelled. It would be up to YOU to decide what to do, you would have to make a choice to either fly out beforehand, or choose to stay on the island. If you choose to stay:

    - Make sure you get to higher terrain 

    - Have enough water and food to last 3 or more days

    - First aid kid

    - Fully charged cell phone

    - Batteries

    - Candles if need be when the power goes out

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  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    you might have to stay there for a while till the planes can fly

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