will i be okay at my health check up?

i'm a 42 year old man, i acquired type 2 diabetes a couple of years ago, because i also have mental health problems and i was comfort eating a lot and leading an unhealthy lifestyle of junk eating and not exercising.

ever since i got diagnosed, i have thrown all my efforts into managing the condition...i attended the gym regularly to swim, watched my diet and lost nearly 3 stone, and got my blood sugars right down...the nurse was please with my progress..

however there's one health check i haven't had for a while, which im absolutely terrified of; my eye screening health check.....the eye clinic has been trying to get in touch with me but ive been scared to open their letters or answer the phone to them.....im just scared period, i'm scared to death about what if they find something wrong with my eyes or my vision?

and its getting to the stage now when i know i have to get in touch with the clinic to arrange my eye exam, no more delaying nonsense....but i'm scared, i mean so terrified.

how can i get over this crippling fear which ive developed in recent months and face this like a man?  i have a vivid imagination and imagine all sorts of scary, dark things...so that doesn't help...i have to turn that around somehow.

does any other man here on any tips on how i can man up and face my eye health check at the clinic?

plus i'm terrified of clinical environments too, and terrified of anything white, white shirts, white coats of doctors etc.

any help?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago
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    Rest assured, your going to feel a lot better about yourself

     if you just go and face your fears

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