How come people think that police and government officials can track an autistic man's google searches?

So I'm autistic and people are telling me that the government is now tracking my searches on google. I told my friend andy about my plans on getting hookers and he said that the cops are tracking me and will bust me for this. I told andy that I would either get a hooker over here or maybe I can go to vietnam next year and get a hooker over there if these vietnamese women who I'm supposed to meet ditch plans of meeting me at the last minute. Andy says that the vietnamese government also tracks searches for guys who are searching for hookers. Andrew says that it is illegal and that I can get in hefty trouble for this. I just don't care anymore and I want to do things my way. This is my life not his and I want to do things my way. I highly doubt that I can get in big trouble for getting an hooker in vietnam as many vietnamese men have done this when they went to vietnam. They got hookers in ho chi minh city and they sometimes can even get multiple ones cause of how cheap it is over there. You can get one for like $80 USD and it is an attractive one. People told me that they think that the vietnamese government knows all about me cause of my posts on the internet. I highly doubt the vietnamese government will pay attention to an vietnamese american's posts on the web. Getting a hooker in vietnam isn't illegal as so many vietnamese american men who has gone to vietnam has done this. How come people think that I can get in trouble for getting a hooker even when it is in vietnam ?

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  • 1 month ago

    Nobody "needs" to track you.  In fact, I don't think anybody wants to have anything to do with you.  You're the one who keeps posting this wacko ranting, then you complain how others treat you.  Get a life!

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Friend your Google searches are public I can track my own Google searches if I can track my own Google searches on my cell phone with nothing but a cell phone the police and the sheriff and the FBI can certainly track you do they care about you? I talked to a psychiatrist many years ago and the psychiatrist said are you a billionaire no are you a secret agent no are you in important deity no then why should the police or the sheriff are the FBI care about a little retard like me? They don't they're not sending the SWAT team after a little retard like me I'm simply not that important!

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