Why didn't Malev fly to North America when Hungary was Communism?

Lot Polish, Aeroflot, Czech Airlines, and Tarom did With an IL-62

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  • Joseph
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    1 month ago

    Until the early 1990s Malev didn't have the long range aircraft necessary for trans Atlantic flights.  There really wasn't that much demand; it's not that Hungarians didn't want to travel to North America, but the Hungarian government did not allow its citizens unrestricted travel abroad.  Whatever travel demand there was, could be accommodated via Warsaw on Lot Polish Airlines or via Prague on Czechoslovak Airlines. 

    With the fall of Communism Malev operated Budapest-New York JFK and Budapest-Toronto flights from the early 1990s until suspending them in 2007.  In 2008 Malev officially dropped these destinations from its schedule.

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  • 1 month ago


    Because it did not.

    International flights are arranged by agreement of the two countries involved.

    The usual agreement allows an Airline from each country to share the route and passengers. PASSENGER demand then determines how often a flight might happen.

    There was not a huge demand for passenger flights direct from Hungary to North America. Main reason a little far for most of the planes of the day.

    The Airlines you mentioned DID NOT and CANNOT have direct flights from Hungary to North America.

    A flight on LOT would have had a stop in Warsaw or some other Polish Airport.

    The Agreement s are NOT by continent but country to country.

    The USA and CANADA independently decide which Airlines may fly to them.

    Just like Hungary decides which Airlines may in turn operate in the reverse direction.

    What do you think the Embassy staff do all day ? Just attend cocktail parties.

    The officials responsible for Airline traffic from each country negotiate agreements between themselves. Which Airports, landing/take off slots, frequency, Airline(s) of concern and many other details.

    Hungary has negotiated many treaties over the years.flight has been operating.


    YOU can look up the details.

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  • 1 month ago

    Even during the time of communism airlines flew routes based on demand. If there was no demand and the command-economy government didn't decide to create a demand then there was no need for Malev to fly to North America. 

    Note that I flew from Budapest to New York on Delta in 1987. 


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