do i have to move my media files off my computer now?

i still use a windows 7 desktop computer, and won't be able to get windows 10 for a while yet, i plan on getting windows 10 installed in another hard drive in this computer so i have dual operating systems.

i'm aware that microsoft stopped support of windows 7 on the 14th of this month...i have malwarebytes premium and i'm going to also purchase eset internet security antivirus next keep me safe as i can whilst using this windows 7 machine....i know that eset security antivirus comes with a good firewall too.

given this, i'm wondering will all my media files on this computer be safe enough?

i have thousands and thousands of pictures/videos and music files on this windows 7 system....and with microsoft stopping support will this put my media files in any danger?

should i move them off my computer onto external drives? ive already copied most of my media files to external drives....but i'm wondering if i should completely MOVE them over to external hard drives as well?

id appreciate any advice on this.

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  • keerok
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    1 month ago
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    No more support does not mean it won't run. It still will and as long as you are careful with where you go in the internet, your computer and files will be safe. Making backup copies of all your data is good computing practice however no matter whether you are using an old or up to date system.

  • 1 month ago

    Why have you not upgraded to Win 10 yet? It's free. I upgraded two months ago. 

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