Red tailed shark is missing one eye what should we do?

Okay so some backstory.  My husband's parents own the fish and the tank.  They have two red-tailed sharks, two tiger Barb's, two other fish with red or similar coloring a large blue fish that is the of of the tank a pleco, a bristlenose pleco, two whiskered bottom feeders and two yellow fish the same type as blue and the reds.  The smallest red-tail has one eye missing, I have been trying to keep an eye out for him but I don't know when he lost the eye.  And I am worried about what I should do.

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    No cant keep moren the one red tailed shark ber tank or things like this happen.  You have to have tiger barbs in schools of 8-12 or more or they are nasty fin nippers and aggressors,  wiskered bottom feeders are probobly cories or loaches and need to be in a school of 6 or more as they are very social.  

    Fish can recover from an eye injury or loss, it is important to keep water very clean, a product called melafix might help, it is pretty much the only thing that stuff is really good for.  

    But if you/they keep the small red tail with the bigger redtail, it will eventually lose more then an eye.

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      good to know!, I had a kribensis that lost an eye, he recovered, lived, competed for food just like nothing was wrong.  fyi,sorry about typos in my previous message, I had eye in drops from the dr.

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    ...rename him Winky? I mean, not much you can do, fish lose eyes all the time. 

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