2008 Wrangler Budget Upgrade ?

Hey all,

I was wondering what some of my options would be for upgrading the sound in my wrangler. It’s not great but i only have a budget of $250 max. What would you guys recommend upgrading for that price range? I’d love some bass (just like everyone else) but I also just want the best experience i can get for that price! 

Thank You!

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    One thing you can do on that budget is get a small amplifier and maybe replace the rear 6x9 speakers with better ones. More wattage and larger magnets and deeper cones = better sound.

    A huge amp isn't always necessary if you just want a bit of a boost and / or you're on a budget. The thing with wranglers is they're pretty limited on space so replacing the original speakers is probably the best idea to conserve what little space there is that you still have.

    I found this quickly. Homework required. Do your homework on wattage, the size of the speakers, and what would be best for what you want to do exactly. This is just an example of what you can do for an audio upgrade, not a suggestion of "get these":


    I don't intend that link to be a "hey, get these!" but they are pretty cool and they are quite powerful. Those are 3 way speakers meaning they have bass, mid, and tweeter in them.The stock speakers are probably only one way mids in the doors and back and one way tweeters on the dash or in the upper part of the doors or frame posts.

    Upgrading to 3 way speakers is something you can do now on your current budget that will give it a pretty decent boost toward sounding a lot better. Then, for later, you can start doing your shopping for the right amp for your system and add the amp later.

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  • 1 month ago

    For $250, the best you might do is a powered, underseat subwoofer.

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