If a man stops saying GOOD MORNING to co-worker who ignores him, is it okay if he says “good morning” to her “neighbor” within her presence?

I have social anxiety & can’t make eye contact. I think one of my co-workers is creeped out by my facial tics. She never responds when I acknowledge her presence upon walking past her or wherever we see each other in the office. She treats me like a panhandler or predator, and literally never smiles when she sees me. I feel like she has a personal vendetta against me for no reason. Meanwhile, I’m a total gentleman who works hard, which the staff constantly boasts about. So other than having strange body language, I never bother her. But she continuously treats me like I’m invisible, sometimes while looking directly at me, basically making no effort to pretend she didn’t hear me, but instead make it obvious she was ignoring me. In her defense, she holds the door and elevator for me, but I think she’s just being diplomatic, because when I say “thank you,” she doesn’t utter a word. So if I were to hold door for her, she’d probably say in a dry tone “thanks” instead of “thank you.” The guy stationed next to her, however, is nice to me. Is it okay to say “good morning” to him when I walk by, or should I only do that if she’s not at her desk? I don’t want to seem like an immature smart-a$$ by saying “good morning” to him in front of her, while she is obviously well-aware that I took a hint and stopped speaking to her. Is it okay to say “good morning” to a co-worker who sits next to a co-worker who ignores me? Just walking past her, I feel like she wants me ejected from the office.


The other day in the cafe, I kindly said “excuse me” so I can get to the fridge where she was standing in front of.  She didn’t say anything, as well as when I said “thank you” after she moved.  In addition, no response when I said “how are you doing?” in a protocol manner, as opposed to literally wanting to know how she’s feeling.  Throughout that whole cafe incident, she was looking at me, but made me feel awkward and foolish for speaking to her.

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  • Scott
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    1 month ago

    You asked this same question yesterday. Once is enough.

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