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Is Gaynor Minden pointe shoes okay for the first time?

Is this brand good as a first pair?

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    The thing about GMs is you don’t break them in. You buy them with a shaft that comes already broken in to where you like them as they are made of a different material than traditional pointe shoes. What’s great about them is they last far longer than traditional pointe shoes. They are my daughters favorite shoe. Whether or not they are the right shoe for you is another story. Beginners on pointe in recreational dance schools tend to use their first few pairs to help strengthen their feet. If that is your case then they would likely not be the right shoe for you. As a dancer progresses in pointe work the shoes they use also changes as your foot changes. 

    This is really something you need to discuss with your ballet teacher. She knows your feet and abilities best. Just make sure you get a really good fitter and if you decide on GMs get a fitter who is experienced and knowledge on how they should be fitted as they are a different kind of shoe. 

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    I wouldn't suggest them for the first time because they are really hard to break.

    My first pair was Grishko 2007. They were good.

    I tried Gaynor Minden last year and I think it was the hardest pointe shoe I've ever tried. They were amazing though.

    What I'd advise you is to find a good fitter and get properly fitted. Don't just go and buy a random pair. That's very wrong.

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      The thing with GMs is you don’t really break them in like other pointe shoes. You buy them with the shaft where you like them (softer shaft) as compared to a more traditional shoe that you break in to get them to where you like them. 

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