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Employment question: want to know if anything can be done regarding a manager. ?

So I have an old boss, who has only been in management for around 2 years. In that 2 year period. Every person, that has ever worked on her team as been fired or quit as a result of her poor management skills. I actually left the company due to her lying about something that could have gotten me fired and I had the proof to back it up. I gave my notice, went to HR with everything I had, and left. This is a pattern with her that’s happened time and time again and is currently happening to one of my old co-workers. She’s been reported multiple times to HR and her boss. My co-worker has taken his issue to HR and it’s currently under review. What I want to know is when does enough become enough? If a manager has 150% turn over and continues to have the same issues, when does HR and upper management start taking it seriously? Can anything been done besides leaving? Her behavior is retaliatory and she bullies people into either leaving or them being fired. 

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    The chances of a company siding with an employee over a manager is slim or none unless its sexual harassment and you have proof.

    ALL managers have turnover. I am positive my old company did not measure it above the store level. My boss did not know how much turnover I did or did not have and he could not compare it to anyone elses.  The home office did payroll so they could track it but I am sure they did not.

    At my company, a VP was fired for sexual harassment and a manager was too. Both times, they had some kind of proof.

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  • 3 months ago

    All you can do is send your complaints up the chain.  The fact that nobody up the chain wants to make a change means one of two things. 1) The people up the chain are just as incompetent as this manager is, in which case there’s nothing more you can do.  2) the people up the chain feel that the manager is meeting performance expectations and that the manager’s subordinates are easier to replace than the manager is, in which case there is nothing more you can do.  

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