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Can digital e-print original of concert band music be performed or is it against copyright?


I mean if it was bought and printed digitally from a website like JWPepper. Can those prints be used for performances?

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    Merely buying a copy of sheet music doesn't entitle the owner of that sheet music to perform it publicly.

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  • 1 month ago

    If you have purchased - or legally received for free - any copyrighted material, then you are within your legal rights to use it.  If you only have rights to that ONE copy, then you are breaking the law to make additional copies (like one for every flute player in band, etc.) Yes, people sometimes will distribute limited samples of their copyrighted work.  And legality ends with only the material YOU are given.  You can pay for the rest.  If you printed a SCORE - you cannot digitally extract parts, either - if you own the software, and know how to do it. 

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    • Tommymc
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      Lord H, ASCAP makes it clear that performers do NOT have to pay to play.  It's the responsibility of the venue owner (bar, club, etc) to buy a license.

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  • Speed
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    1 month ago

    Overt violation of copyright, which is the literal right to make copies.

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