In the U.S., is anyone still getting allergies this winter?


The seasonal type.

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    Been a pretty good season for myself, I normally have more issues in the winter then I have this year. The wife though, has been hit harder this year, even though she normally does better then the rest of the family.

    Dust, mold , and off gas from things like new floors, rugs, shower curtains/liners. New air fresheners, change of cooking habits. Any and all can introduce new crap that can trigger allergies during the winter. One of the most overlooked areas is the humidity levels in the air, from heating. In the summer we remove humidity out of the air because warm air can carry more moisture. But when we heat air it removes moisture and spreads it over a larger area or air, reducing the humidity level. That dry air can irritate sinus tissue causing it to swell, and creating the exact same symptoms of allergies or a cold. Kids often end up with bloody noses due to this.  They sell saline solutions for sinuses, the non medicated ones are really helpful. They also have gels that should be used in conjunction with the sprays. For kids, many just use vaseline, a light coating in the nose prevents the nose bleeds, prevents the tissues from drying out and swelling too much. A humidifier can help a great deal, cars are some of the worst things for those that suffer from these sort of things.

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