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Can anxiety cause bedwetting?

I’m 26 and a male. I have started a new accounting position at my job, and I just started a school semester which has way more work than I thought. Both of those things had caused me a very stressful day yesterday. I had a dream that I screwed up something major at my job, and In my dream I knew I had all my schoolwork, and I had to pee in the dream. I ended up wetting my pants in the dream and I woke up with a big wet spot on my pants this morning. 

I haven’t wet the bed since I was 8 and I usually have to pee in the morning right when I get up because I drink water before bed. 


Edit: this has only happened once. 

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    Anxiety is a good cause of bed wetting! When I was about age 10, a thief broken into our home about 3 AM. I saw the Silhouette of the thief reflected on the wall and it moved towards my room. I was frozen with fear and tried to hide beneath the blanket. I kept the blanket over my head until I knew the thief had left our house. I reported this news to my parents, and two days later, I began to wet the bed. I wet the bed about one week, then I recovered. My Mom was glad as she did not have to wash my sheets any longer. To be safe in your new job for a while, buy some adult diapers at any supermarket and wear them at work. You might inquire with Walmart or Target whether rubber sheets like we knew when young are still available.


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