Why are some shippers so crazy?

I'm apart of a popular fandom that ships real people. I don't mind that and my motto is typically ship what you want. But what I dislike is when fans become crazy and hateful towards someone/something that is not their ship. Example in my fandom, there is one extremely popular ship and fans actually believe they are dating/married. If they are seen taking pictures/videos with other people, there would be thousands of hate comments/threats. I'm a fan of a person in the fandom and he would get attacked if he posts a video/picture with his co-stars because he is in the way of their ship. (Example: Fans ship Lacey and Steve. Lacey posts picture with Michael and Michael gets hate for cockblocking Steve). The irony is the people fans are shipping are not even close in real life. In fact, they are much close to their other co-stars yet fans hate them together.

Again, I believe people can ship what they want. I just don't like when shippers take it too far and attack other people/ships. I also don't like when shippers twist reality to prop their ship. Such as saying A an B are in love when they're not. Or saying B and C hate each other, B only likes A. Especially when it's clear B and C are close much closer than A and B are. 

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