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Lost 80s Electronic Album Name?

A while back spotify gave me a song that I really liked on their discover weekly, but I cant remember the name! All i remember was what the album cover looked like and the general feel of the song. It was definitely from the 80s and it had a lot of synth in it, but it didnt have a mainstream 80s sound to it. It gave me a lot of Jon Vangelis vibes. The album cover wasnt a photo but a full colored drawing/painting of a desert with a possibly purple sky, a tree with no leaves, and I believe something like in that painting of the melting clock. Any help would be appreciated!


I also think the tree was to the left of the cover and the melting thing was to the right of the cover.

1 Answer

  • 3 months ago

    For some reason a lot of variations on that image are associated with Pink Floyd, though it does not seem to have been used on any official releases.

    Their album "Dark Side Of The Moon" has a track called "Time" - that seems a possible link?

    Have a flick through the album, below, and see if anything fits?

    Youtube thumbnail

    • Ashley3 months agoReport

      Though I do like Pink Floyd it wasnt exactly what i was thinking of 😅 I remember the band being a bit less well known. 

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