Didn't receive an ordered item.?

 I ordered a VFD from https://famaga.ch/catalog/delta/order-267889​​​​​​... almost 2 weeks ago. Their web site says they ship in 2-3 days. Every time I call I get a different story. The first time, the VFD was sitting in their warehouse floor waiting for the carrier to pick it up. Would be shipped that day. Next time, their computer was down and they couldn't get in touch with the vendor. HD didn't have the item. It was to be shipped direct from the manufacturer. Next call, they would expedite my order. It was ordered on the 3rd and here it is the 16th and according to their website, it's still being "processed".

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  • 1 month ago

    u have been scammed. I was scammed like tha once - ordered a dress from on line, they promised shipping in 5 days, I was waiting for a month and it stood there "processing". I contacted them they promised they would refund me the money but they didn't, so after 2 weeks I contacted my visa, there is a special application u need to fill and send to them. after that SOMEONE refunded me the money. it was either visa contacted lousy chink scammers and nobody fcks with visa or visa refunded me because it is in their policy. anyway if u paid with visa - contact them. if u didn't pay with visa - contact that bank u paid from and maybe they will take care of things.

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