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Kayla asked in TravelAsia PacificKorea · 3 months ago

Studying Abroad to Seoul?

I am planning on Studying abroad to Seoul this summer of 2020 but... I've never been there and don't know where I should go. Are there any interesting places I should go to in Seoul while i'm there? I'm 16 so no clubbing lol

4 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    There's plenty. It's probably the biggest city you've ever been. There's everything there.

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  • Nicey8
    Lv 4
    3 months ago

    Hi. You need to be fluent in korean and you may find your own race to mix with if you are uncomfortable with Koreans. Koreans are not too accepting of other races so you may feel lonely there.

    Take care. North Korea may launch missiles anywhere, anytime.

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  • 3 months ago

    Seoul is a huge city. A lot will depend on what area you're in. I assume you're staying with a host family- they will make sure that you see and go to a lot of significant places. You can find guidebooks to Seoul in your library or bookstore. 

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    I figure you could wait till you get there and start meeting people...slowly and surely you'll begin to explore with new friends.  Sounds exciting !!!

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