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Am i gross because i didn't know i had chlamydia and passed it to my boyfriend? ?

Me and my boyfriend got together about 2 months ago. We also got pregnant around that time. I'm 8 weeks. I had got tested during my first obgyn yesterday and turns out i have chlamydia.. About a week before he had made an appointment claiming it hurt to pee and it had frequent urination. i thought it was a uti. Because i didn't think i would have an std.. He called me flipping out and telling me how gross I am. And how I smell. (Yet before he never complained before and always begged to give me head). He's telling me I shouldn't have slept around and got An std.

Now he wants a DNA test for the baby, Because he lost all trust in me which I dont know why.. He thinks I cheated...i didn't know i had chlamydia if I did i woudve got tested sooner and definitely wouldn't put myself through this. I honestly feel so disgusting and just wish i could take everything back even this baby. I feel like im going to be left a single mother. And i dont want him to feel obligated to stay with me because im pregnant with his child. Everything is completely f**ked in our relationship because i didn't know i had it ... I've been crying all day long and downing myself and everything I've done wrong. I cant handle this. I dont know what to do or how to feel..😭

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  • You're not gross for having chlamydia and your boyfriend is a jerk. He probably gave it to you if he has it. Chlamydia is nothing to freak out over, it can be cured. He obviously had chlamydia, since he was complaining about his symptoms. You should have asked him what came out of the appointment. 

    You've only been together for 2 months, he may have gotten it from a past partner or maybe he cheated on you. Personally if he's going to act like that, I would dump him he's not worth it. You deserve better then him.

    Give him the DNA test and get out of that relationship. Don't even think about going back to him. Don't feel obligated to stay with him, even if he happens to be the father. If he's the father you can ask for child support or sue him for it. 

    A real man that loves you would NOT treat you like this douche has. Sorry if it's harsh, but you have to do what's best for you and the baby. 

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    First off chlamydia can be cured with antibiotics. It's not like you gave him HIV. Which I hope you were also test for. You use the antibiotics, it goes away. Hes just freaking out because it's a shock to him. Let him calm down and then talk about it to him. When you have a kid with someone and it's not a committed relationship because you were only with him for 2 months, you will always run the risk of being a single parent. But at the end of the pregnancy order a dna test. If he still wants nothing to do with the kid, take him to court for child support.

    I would also suggest seeing a counselor for all this. I'm sure you're going through a stressful time so what you need right now is a bit of support. Maybe family or friends, but definitely a counselor. 

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      Hes acting like im not freaking out and its not a surprise to me either? It's just unfortunate that because i accidentally gave him that now he thinks i cheated and wants a DNA test. this is not the experience i wanted for my first pregnancy. 😭 not worth it

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