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What should I do? Terrible carpet stain?

I am 23 and just moved to a new city across the country for grad school. I have been in my new apartment (I am leasing it for 18 months) for barely 1 month now. Today I made myself some Spicy Ramen (Cheap student diet- but still super good....). When I picked up the hot plate, I didn't realize how hot it was and dropped it. 

The plate didn't break, but all of the ramen and water spilled onto the carpet next to my kitchen. The ramen was flavored with a very strong orange/red spice... so my carpet quickly turned BRIGHT orange! I was devastated and had never dealt with any stains before (I am normally a very clean person!) so I quickly got every cleaning supply/tool in my kitchen and scrubbed scrubbed scrubbed. It didn't help. 

I googled it and google said vinegar, baking soda, and bleach. I did that. 

Long story short, My carpet stain only got worse. It is now a huge yellow stain and is not going away. Pic attached. I feel so stupid, but at this point, I must accept what has happened. And resolve it.

I was going to call a carpet cleaner, but I have class ALL day tomorrow, 7 am- 5:45 pm. Can it wait a day or 2? 

Will a carpet cleaner be able to fix this? 

Should I contact my apartment complex? (My carpet from the front door to kitchen, living room, and bathroom all appear to be one piece)

Will I have to get it all replaced?! 

What price quote am I looking at for the carpet cleaners and/or replacing carpet?


Probably not the best lighting in this picture because the stain is a lot lighter in person and my carpet is not dark like that. My carpet is an off white shade.

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    Getting a professional carpet cleaner is not going to solve your problem because you destroyed the fibers of the carpet when you use bleach. Bleach strips color or changes color and should never be used on carpeting.

    If you have a closet that has carpeting in it, you can go inside the closet and cut a piece of carpet out that is slightly bigger than your stain. Then go cut the identical size piece out in the stained area and switch the two pieces of carpet.

    Replacing the whole carpet is going to be expensive. If you have no closet the Harvest a piece of carpeting from, then you may have to replace all the carpeting. Howsoever, the carpet that was there has decreased in value, so you should not be responsible for 100% of the cost of a brand new carpet.

    Another solution is a little iffy, but it may work for you. If there is no way to harvest carpet from another area, you could very well remove a 2 by 3 foot section of carpet near your front door and put tile there or buy a doormat and insert it in a cut-out area by your front door and use the cut out carpet to replace the stained area.

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  • drip
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    4 weeks ago

    Using bleach was a huge mistake. It took the dye out of the carpet.  It is not a stain. That can not be cleaned out.  It is not cleaner than the rest of the carpet as another poster suggested. 

    You could loose your deposit at the end of the year.  They are not going to charge you for new carpet.  That is what your deposit is for.   Don’t bother to report it. They won’t be changing out the carpet now. Not until you move out.

    You best course would of been water and towels. A drop of Dawn dish soap for the grease.  Try to absorb the soup up from the fiber,.  Then you could of rented a carpet cleaner

    Dailey recommend salt/sodium is 2300mg. One small cup of ramen has 1760 mg.

    This stuff is horrid for your health. 

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  • sissy
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    Looks like you scrubbed all the dye out of the carpet I don't think cleaning it any more will fix the color..years ago I had bleach spots in dark carpet..when I moved I had a 750 deposit I really needed back..those stains would ruin everything..I didn't have money to fix I got some soy sauce worshire sause mixed it together got a paint brush and very lightly brushed the stains . I'm not saying do this but for me it worked ..think outside the box

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    1 month ago

    I zoomed in to take a look.   What you got now is cleaner carpet and regular carpet color.  You made a mistake and cleaned it.  The RED IS GONE, so  the yellow oil is harder to get rid of.  Go to WalMart Automotive and buy GOJO cream hand cleaner. You get a pound container like face cream. For a Buck.    Apply that onto a white rag cloth and rub the yellow stain.  See if the white cloth gets yellow.(then you know it is coming off the carpet)  Also try it on the dark color carpet.   If the carpet changes color then you know you are cleaning the carpet(it is very dirty)  If it does not impart a brown color onto you white cloth then you are not cleaning the carpet(which I highly doubt as I have never seen a clean apartment carpet yet.) So your best choice is then to try to get the yellow out  using the GOJO grease & oil removing hand cream, then wipe it clean with soapy water(you can use liquid dish soap) and then dry it thoroughly and then put a small planter table over the spot.  or a throw carpet to generally hide it and LEAVE IT THERE WHEN YOU LEAVE.(so a cheap table or carpet.) 

       Because of the photo, the other color is brown so just getting to look the same may mean adding brown(or dirt) to get the color the same.(kind of the same ballpark)

    FYI  Bleach does not work on carpet because carpets have been plastic fibers since the 60's.

      Vinegar+baking soda = WATER so "that" does not clean either...only on windows(and only just vinegar). 

    Bleach works on cotton fibers  like blue jeans and take the blue out... or other cottons that are colored and it removes the color completely...leaving white cotton. 

    If you find that the GOJO is cleaning the dark carpet- you can wash the GOJO out with soap and water and a nail brush. or just a rag.  You may find that the soap and water also cleans the carpet some more in a spot that has no Ramen or GOJO  (GOJO is skin safe it is like a hand cream)...

    EXPERIMENT.  You can't hurt it.  Try using a minimal amount of water though because it takes so long to dry out.

    Management is not going to replace the carpet or repair it. ($300to$600+) is just a rental unit and will be rented out as is.  Leave it alone and get it dirty again so it is off white.  That is, after you take out the yellow.   The best you can do with the situation is let it dry out completely  for a week or so unless you got a pistol hair dryer and spot dry the carpet and then either you are going to walk over it like the dirtier carpet so it slowly gets dirty or you find a piece of throw carpet and lay it over the spot OR put an end table there to hide the spot.

    If you have powdered laundry soap, some water and a nail brush you can try that and see if it takes out the yellow by scrubbing  and using a white cloth to rub it dry .  Then look at the white cloth to see if there is any color transfer.  So long as the white cloth(rag)-like from old T shirts that are WHITE. changes color, you are taking it away from the carpet.

    If it take you a week or month to do it does not matter.  If it dries or stays wet, it does not matter.

    It is fiddling around now.  You can see it better than I can.

    As for all the white rags that you are using ...just put in the laundry and they wash out with laundry soap to be pretty clean again for reusing. for cleaning cloths.

     Done, today, tomorrow, the weekend, next Xmas does not matter when  The stain is not going anywhere. Until you make it leave.

    Handyman 35+ years

    • drip
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      4 weeks agoReport

      The carpet spot isn’t cleaner , the dye has been removed from the fibers by the bleach.

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  • 1 month ago

    Rent a steam cleaner.

    Or use pinesol with a brush

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  • 1 month ago

    Bleach has removed dye from the carpet pile.

    Start saving for a replacement carpet in 17 months.

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