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Do you have to be an cosmetologist or esthetician to open a day spa in Ohio?

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    If you will offer beauty salon services, nail salon services, tanning salon services,

    or esthetic salon services, you must be licensed by the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology.

    *Remember to check local government agencies*[]Applications should be returned to the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology.[]If you have questions, contact the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology at

    (614)466‐3834.Information and forms are also on‐line at* Remember to check local government agencies*[]For more information about beauty salon regulations,see Ohio Revised Code

    (ORC)Section4713.The ORC can be found at your local library or on‐line at*Remember to check local government agencies*[]If you will offer massage, cosmetictherapy, or acupuncture or electrolysis services,

    contact Ohio’s State Medical Board at(614)466‐3934.Information is also on‐line at*Remember to check local government agencies*

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