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Will the Queen soon decree that Prince Harry be the Governor-General of the Canadian dominion of her kingdom?

Will her Canadian subjects be happy that a royal resides on Canadian soil to provide the oversight to the Queen’s Canadian ministers that usually comes from London?

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    While the Queen does appoint the GG, it can only be done once every 5 years! Julie Payette was appointed on October 2nd 2017, which means the earliest the next GG can be appointed is October 2022.

    Having said that, if the Queen wants, she can appoint Harry as GG assuming he is still in Canada in 2022.

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      The Queen puts her rubber stamp on the GG the Canadian government's choice. She plays no active role in the governance of Canada.

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    This ISN'T a Travel matter. Royalty is over THERE---->

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  • JuanB
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    The Queen chooses the GG from the recommendations of the Prime Minister who for the last 90 years submits a Canadian citizen recommendation. 

    The Prime Minister is in shaky times and better come up with a good strategy of a publicity campaign if he wants the Canadian people behind him should he decide to do this.  Who knows?  A move like that just might distract Canadians from real world problems.

    The thing Canadians are most happy about is while we might be getting stuck with a huge security bill for Prince Harry so some savings by using the existing GG budget on his protection.

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  • 1 month ago

    No.  We have a governor general, and their terms are normally 5 years.  Maybe our next one - depending on what Harry wants.

    The oversight comes from Ottawa (and, Quebec City in the summer), not London.

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    We've got a G.G thank you.

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