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Dirty Dozen vs Clean 15 (fruits/greens)?

This might sound dumb, but just how true is the whole "dirty dozen" and "clean 15" thing when it comes to fruits/veggies/greens? I really want to start eating more fruits/greens (both plain/on their own and in smoothie form), but geez. Reading some of these articles is kind of unsettling. It makes it seem like if you eat a freaking apple or some strawberries, you're going to get cancer or something because of pesticides. 

Is all this true? I got some prepacked apple slices from Walmart to eat as a quick snack during the week and they have an excellent taste to them. Should I just be washing them off with some water before I eat them? How about bagged apples you have to cut yourself? Is it ok to just rinse with water? What about strawberries? I've heard apples and strawberries are the "worst offenders" with pesticides. It's just concerning, so I wanted some clarity. I'm trying to eat healthier and I get scare tactic articles making it sound like a horrible, health-risk of a decision to take in more fruit and stuff -_-

Thanks ahead of time for all help/suggestions.


Oh yes. I know some are very high in the glycemic index. I like to rinse stuff off simply for the dirt aspect. I do prefer the organic options but I do not believe the apple slices are organic. They don't specify. I bought them on a whim to have a healthy snack to "practice" with to get myself into it.

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    Seriously, it isn't as big a deal as some people try to make it out to be.  Stop reading and start eating.  You will not get cancer from eating blueberries or spinach.  You can wash/risen them to remove anything that's on the outside if you feel like it -- always a good policy.  You can also selectively choose to purchase organic versions of any plant product that concerns you.  

    I'd worry more about the corn and sweet peas in terms of what they do to your blood sugar than I would be about the pesticides. 

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    If pesticides are going to kill us, they're going to kill all of us because they're on everything. Wash your veg and don't worry about it.

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    Not at all true

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  • Here's a pretty good article that should hopefully alleviate some of your worries. And it tells you how to wash your produce better.

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