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Do you agree that courts and cops are mostly for those who otherwise think they law doesn't "apply" to them?


"the" law.  Sorry. Those who cal the kettle black also know you can't  edit once posted. 

Update 2:

Both exc.  answers (except grammar Nazi) From very different views. Hard to decide. My own personal experience, I've run into "persons" in past who wouldn't vacate or return my property. Both said I'd "never get them out or get the car back". Both cases, cut and dried contracts, BUT I  had to go to court. Judges were Flabbergasted at such arrogance. 

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    No, l don't beIieve so. A Iot of people who think they can do no wrong never have to deal with the courts or cops. PeopIe with money can sometimes get away with a lot. Appearances also play a big role in court and investigations. And the poIice, either consciousIy or subconsciousIy, will just let some people go because of their appearance/demeanor. Some people develop this self-righteous attitude that the law just doesn't appIy to them, they're "a good person", regardIess of what they do.

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  • indeed
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    No, not always. My son was assaulted and beaten to within an inch of his life. The cops arrived on the scene and busted the guy who assaulted him. He was able to go to court, testify and put this violent person away for 2 years.

    Thank goodness it isn't only for those who think the law doesn't apply to them.

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