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I can’t pass the praxis I failure ?

My college allowed me to graduate with a degree in education however I’m not actually certified until I pass the praxis. I have my degree in elementary education. I cannot pass the praxis core math section. 

I’ve had tutors spent TONS of money. The same thing happens over and over you can teach it to me or even better I can teach the material on the praxis to the students PERFECTLY but when I go to take the praxis you would think I never took a math class in my life. I’ve failed it 14 times. Yet again, you could show me a problem and I can solve it with ease when it’s not actually the praxis. I think I have test anxiety or something. I’ve passed ALL other sections and even passed the praxis II with flying colors. 

I’ve only been substitute teaching since 2017 when I finished college I’m in my 3rd year of substitute teaching because I cannot pass the praxis I math. I have passed EVERYTHING else with above average scores. 

Everyone is telling me I need to just give up at this point and find a new field. I’m so discouraged and I feel so defeated. It’s not like I’m an idiot and can’t DO elementary level math. I passed both of my math classes in college with A’s and had no trouble at all teaching and explaining math both in my internships and as a substitute. 



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