Bedbugs Used to be at Grandmas should I worry?

Hey there. So here is what I’m worried about. Me and my mom visited my grandma for thanksgiving and something was bite her in her shoe. We took a look and found a bed bug eating under her sock. It definitely didn't come from our place because we would've been covered in bites by now. When we got home we started freaking out. We washed our clothes with hot water and took showers. I visit grandma a lot- like nearly every weekday since she lived near us and before Christmas I made my mom make sure there were no bed bugs before we even stepped foot up there so she hired an exterminator to spray the place down: (she only did this because few days after thanksgiving I saw more of these bugs) weirdly enough they were on the carpet and floor and in the hallway. Nowhere else. When she sent the exterminator before Christmas and they found nothing. And I know what I saw- But they sprayed the place just in case. Now here I am terrified of bed bugs paranoid constantly. We always check our house for them- and nothing. Grandma had no bites either!! So right after the extermination I went there and while grandma was outta the room I checked the floors. Dead bed bugs all through the hall and in the door mat. I understand they are dead but I’m still worried. Google says the worst cases are always bed bugs crawling IN THE DAY in the halls and on rugs. All I’ve saw them was during the day. They ain’t living in the couch. Should I worry? Is this bed bug? This is dead pic of one. Please help.


Okay so... my parents lied. They knew it was a bed bug but didn’t want to tell me. They are getting treated again and hopefully I can go to grandmas and be safe. Apparently my parents knew they were being eaten up but had no clue what it was. So it was a bed bug. The inspectors didn’t find anything but still are giving treatment since I have photo proof. Thanks for easing my worries for me! 

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  • 1 month ago
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    that does look like a bed bug, but the pic isn't very clear,

    stage 1 bed bugs may be an apple seed size,but larger ones, are about the length of a house fly.

    about 30% of people don't react to bites, so grandma could be getting bit and just not know...if that is the case, they can reproduce a lot before they are found.

    • Savanna1 month agoReport

      Thank you for this. I haven’t seen any that large. The ones I did see were dead because they sprayed the home. I’ll put that into mind. Was it a bad infestation? I’m just worried if it was what is was could they come back?

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  • 1 month ago

    Also- I carry my back pack when up there Incase I need something inside of it. I check that when I get home too. I’ve tried looking to see if it was a bed bug or a bat bug- but I couldn’t tell the difference without a microscope: which I don’t have. This bug is dead so it might be paler if that’s how they work but I’ve saw more reddish brown looking ones. I’ve been trying to avoid her house a lot and I feel bad.. it is winter right now and so that’s what makes me more worried. I’ve never actually felt with something like this.

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    1 month ago

    that is a beetle...a bed bug is too small to photograph

    • Savanna1 month agoReport

      I hope your right. Bedbugs are (from what google says) the size of an apple seed. I wish I had brought a penny to my grandmas to compare it with. The picture is on zoom in this photo but I think they can be photographed without. I just wanted people to see detail Incase it was something else.

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