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Does my fin nipping gold fish have to live alone forever?

I have 2 gold fish grown bigger and shiny and strong and beautiful. I decided they deserve to have a system of fish in a nice big beautifuly decorated tank. I got 2 new small gold fish and I realized the one has dark on him that might not be apart of it so I gave them all medicine cus a girl from Petco said to treat them all. So I did and one of the new fish died and my 2 beautiful fish were like some what bleeding and wounded and now are acting very stressed. Than the little new one starting chasing them none stop nipping them. I had to take him out and put him in a separate tank. Than I decided to give the fish another chance thinking he was just stressed. He started nipping the new fish none stop. So I took him out and put him in my fish carrying tank the small one. He's there now. I'm willing to get another tank and let him be myself but is it ok to have a fish live by itself like that. I don't want him to get depressed but I also don't want him to hurt other fish. Any ideas? (Also I put the amount of medicine it said to on the bottle) 

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  • Bort
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    1 month ago

    Sounds like treating them for whatever the petco person suggested wasn't the right thing to do. You didn't mention what you treated them for so I'm going to assume it was an Ich treatment. It is possible to over-medicate for Ich, especially if they don't need it because they don't have it. That's likely what caused the death.

    Do a 50% complete water change ("complete" meaning filters, cartridges, carbon if you use it: change everything to new, un-medicated filters inserts) and insure the water conditions stay balanced at where they should be for those fish.

    It's ok to leave an aggressive one live in a tank by it self as long as you make sure it has an adequate size tank for it self. A single goldfish should be ok for several years in a 10 gallon tank. Goldfish (carp) never stop growing, they grow to whatever size cooperates with their habitat.

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