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Is this normal for a finger burn?

About 2 hours ago I accidentally burned the top of my forefinger on the bottom of an oven rack trying to get out my pizza that was underneath it. The burn is only the size of a quarter but I think it might blister. When I watch it closely I can feel it throb and the color of it moves in sync with the throbbing. Why does it do that?

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    It sounds like you have a 2nd degree burn on your hand-

    A 2nd degree burn is a burn that effects the lower skin level, its a moderate burn, but certainly not anything life-threatening or that will leave a scar. Blisters are merely irritation of the skin, when you burnt your finger you killed the skin, and its your body's way of trying to heal.

    What do you do?

    1. Apply cool (not cold) water on the burn

    2- Go to your drug store, you will need to pick up a skin lotion to apply on the burn

    3. Whatever you do, do not pick at or try to remove the burn

    4. If the pain is too much, you can take a pain reliever.

    Given its a small area burn, it will take anywhere from 10 to 14 days to fully heal.

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