Which are correct to fill in the  blank?  ?

1._______ will of course be determined by the sort of wool used.

A.The warmth of a sweater .

B.The warmth of the sweater 

C.The warmth of sweaters 

D.A sweater's warmth 

Which are correct to fill in the blank? what are different among these answers?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 days ago

    You asked this question yesterday and I answered it.  You have two mistakes. This is your sentence corrected:  "A sweater's warmth/the warmth of a sweater DEPENDS ON the TYPE of wool used".  Not "is determined by" or "sort".  Wool isn't a thinking being, so it can't "determine" anything. "sort" isn't completely incorrect, but "type" is better (at least in North America).

    "THE sweater's warmth/the warmth of THE sweater" is fine if you're talking about a specific model of sweater produced by a specific manufacturer.  If you're talking about sweaters in general, it's "a sweater".

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