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Is a dance about deaf people struggling to communicate offensive?

Me and my friends are doing a project about deaf people where we want to teach people some sign language and raise awareness about the importance of learning sign language. Aside from the normal videos and posters, we are thinking of creating a dance to show that deaf people struggle to communicate with hearing people (who don't know sign language) and therefore show the importance of learning sign language.

We are thinking of tying cloth around our mouths to represent that it's difficult for a hearing person to understand a deaf person (we are aware that deaf people CAN talk but it may be difficult because their speech isn't as clear). 

But we are not sure if this dance is offensive or not, since we aren't deaf ourselves and don't know anyone who is. Is it? And if it is, is there any way we can make it not offensive? 

(super sorry if I sound ignorant or the question itself is really offensive, I just want to make sure before I do something stupid)

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  • 2 days ago

    Im sure some liberal autistic fk somewhere will take offense

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