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is it right to reject and scorn a person because?

i am in a financial crisis right now..after paying rent..there is little money left to do anything else...  my rent is basically what is normal i decided to increase my income by cleaning houses..i began cleaning for a christian lawyer...who leads worship and counsels at her church..she told me that she felt God sent me to help her out then she asked am I managing to pay my rent....I told her that I am struggling to pay rent....she stopped the conversation we were having.went to her room..she paid me for the time worked and never called me back.... I realise that I cannot talk to anyone about my circumstances in life because they treat you like crap.

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    People jump to conclusions all the time. She assumed you would steal from her because you're struggling financially. Use that as a lesson to be careful with what you say to your next employer.

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  • Eva
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    By telling her you were in desperate financial straits she may have be afraid that you would steal from her. Do not discuss your personal life with business contacts.

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