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Was my situation a self-fulfilling prophecy the outcome was predicted by tarot?

So I applied internally for a job within the same company and department. One of the big managers in my department seemed to feed me hope once he was notified by HR about my internal job application and would discuss plans about the transition. The manager kept stalling but kept making the situation hopeful. That’s when I decided to consult tarot. I made sure not to give much information about my situation or where I even worked I just kept my question very simple “Will I get the job?” I didn’t give the job description, my situation or the company, The tarot reader immediately started describing the job as an office job dealing with a lot of paper work and computers. She mentioned they have been making me wait for a long time with a decision but unfortunately they will give the position to someone else. She said to not be upset because it’s not my

fault and my path will change directions soon for something better. After the reading my manager still kept feeding me hope on his plans about the transition but a week later he calls me in his office to tell me the bad news and apologizes and tries to justify his decision and he wants me to continue working in my position. I was amazed at her accuracy because I did not give her any details about my situation but she predicted the outcome very accurately.

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    Its an ability called cold reading, and uses logic and common facts to infer information, and generalise about possible future events. People have been making educated guesses about occupation based on appearence for centuries, and if you dont look like a construction worker or a long haul trucker, its a fair bet in this day and age that you work in an office. Its logical to assume that they had been delaying telling you about the job for some time because you wouldnt be seeking advice from a tarot reader if there wasnt some uncertainty surrounding the job, and if theyre delaying telling you about a job, youre obviously not a slam dunk for the position, so its fair to assume there might be other, more suitable candidates. The tarot reader didnt tell you anything that anyone, with some logic training, couldnt infer and extrapolate from the information you gave.

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