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Was this rude?

I was walking home on the sidewalk and I saw an old man wearing a construction vest in his late 60's early 70's riding a bike towards me and he was swerving a bit so I didn't know whether to move off the sidewalk the sidewalk was small so there was not a lot of space and there was a biking lane next to it or to the other side and he got closer and said in a rude and impatient tone ''Are you going to move?'' I got mad at him and told him ''sheesh chill'' after I moved so that he could go. Was that rude of him? And should he have been biking on the sidewalk?

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    Sidewalk riding is generally - but not always - illegal. Since you’re not saying where this happened, I can’t say. Check your local laws.

    As far as rude etc, sometimes you have a choice between being smooth and being right. If he wasn’t moving fast enough to be a risk for you, why not take that easy step towards the side and let him pass. You don’t know why he was riding on the sidewalk. You said he swerved a bit. Maybe he didn’t feel confident enough to use the bike lane.

    Trying to ”educate” other road users about how to behave in traffic by blocking their intentions just about never works. In their minds, they have a perfectly good reason for doing what they do. If you get in their face, all that happens is that they get angry. That’s where road rage is born.

    Someone doing something wrong that isn’t immediately dangerous, leave them to it. Someone doing something that is dangerous, call the cops.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Illegal to ride bicycle on sidewalk. Anything capable of going more than a jogging speed is not allowed. Nothing more than 5 MPH. Nothing motorized except scooters for disabled/elderly. 

    100% illegal if in business district. NO EXCEPTIONS. Exceptions are-children <10 years old-no OTHER SAFE route exists (cyclists must give pedestrian right-of-way, and pass with enough distance, or match speed) 

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  • 1 month ago

    Carry some thumbtacks with youand if you see him again throw them down in his path.

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