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Advice for driving for Uber, please?

I have recently started driving for Uber in the Batimore and DC area. I have always liked driving long distances so id like to know maybe where the best places to go to are to get the longest rides possible. Ive only been driving for 3 days now, and my longest was about 55 miles from BWI to a hotel in Arlington Virginia. (I just got lucky I guess). And that passenger was in the top 5 for nicest people Ive EVER met. I know waiting in the airport queue is basically a gaurenteed ride, but it took over an hour for me to get that one. I know most of it is luck, and always being available, but what towns have the most people that ride uber outside of the Baltimore and DC and Annapolis. 

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    There is no GUARANTEED best place to wait. YOU are not the only driver looking for the big score passenger.

    That long trip could be the next in line to be picked up or the person that is second in line.

    You do well on the one way trip remember your return time is all at your expense.It may have a fare or could be empty.

    So after three days you expect to be the top wage earner too. Not quite how it works.

    Wonderful YOU like driving LONG distances. Guess what the passenger is not thrilled to be paying HUGE fares or to pay for your empty return trip home.

    Good luck.  Be advised giving GOOD service does help in the Tip you may get.

    TIP is optional and you EARN the big ones.

    Of course you know the UBER is a huge organization that makes Billions of Dollars for itself. It does not get this money by paying its drivers lots of money too.

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