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Why Reconquista war lasted so long?

Around 781 years.

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  • Joseph
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    The Christians had to start virtually from scratch.  The Reconquista started in Asturias, a sparsely populated, mountainous area on the far northwest of the Iberian Peninsula.  From that small beginning it took centuries of shifting alliances, marriages of convenience, backstabbing and fighting to gain enough power to drive the Muslims off the peninsula.      

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  • Anonymous
    4 days ago

    In the year 711 Tariq Ibn Ziyad under orders from Musa Ibn Nusayr a gobernor of a northern territory under the rule of the wali of Egypt started the invasion of Spain, back then a visigoth kingdom. The conquer of most of the kingdom took a few years and stalled about the year 718. A few territories in the north of Spain were not conquered and were ruled by some visigoth counts and noblemen.

    War did not stop as there were some minor fights, raids and sacking going on alternating with some uneventful periods. So at that point in time there were some christian visigoth noblemen on the one hand and a moor kingdom in the other.

    Somwhere between 718 ad 722 there was a major victory for the christian side in a place called Covadonga. People were led to believe that the Virgin Mary showed up and pushed christian victory and that planted the seed of taking up the fight against the muslims and reconquer the kingdom. That task took come 800 years and there were many kingdoms, alliances, lordships and whatever in the process. At the end, in 1491 a couple that held all the kingdoms in Spain together managed to expell the last moors from Spain and claimed the kingdom of Spain.

    So, some parts of Spain were part of a muslim kingdom of some sort from 711 until 1491, therefore one has to think that the people there did not feel they were being “reconquered” or “liberated” or somehow set free from the moors but they probably felt they were being conquered after 26 generations being a moor territory.

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  • 4 days ago

    Because Christians fought among themselves and sought Muslim allies.

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