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Can a Cuban cichlid and an Oscar live together in a 90G tank?

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  • Bort
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    1 month ago

    That really depends how big the Oscar is and how big the Cuban is and whether the Oscar has been in the tank by it self for a while therefore the entire tank is it's territory. Oscars are generally docile and usually get along with all other species of fish...unless they've gotten used to their habitat. They can be territorial. 

    Cuban Cichlids are territorial and are 50/50 whether they're going to get along or be aggressive toward other fish. If they're the only 2 fish you're going to have in a large tank like that it's most likely going to be fine but Cichlids are extremely hard to predict how they're going to be even if you introduce the same breed into a tank that only has that breed in it. They either get along, or they fight and when they fight over territory or mates it's either rounds of aggression here and there or it's constant fighting. When it's constant you have to separate the one being most aggressive in to another tank or it's own tank by it self or they will kill each other. 

    I had a 55 gallon tank with 5 Jack Dempseys (one pair 3 and 6 inches, one 8 inch, and 2 loners that were around 5 inches), an Albino Channel Catfish, a Florida Sheep Head (7 inches), and a 2 inch Aratus (blue and black) that was a nut case personality wise that would attack everyone if they got too close or seemingly because he was bored. They all got along decently until I threw a 4 inch red devil in the mix. All hell broke loose. The tank was in my bedroom and the jaws snapping kept me awake at night. I had to separate the red devil in to it's own tank and it returned to normal. The sheeps head and the devil went at it constantly. 

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