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Are there any groups like people and places or tulip travel but cheaper?

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  • 3 months ago

    Many disability travel groups.

    Care to be a little more specific.

    For example do you want some sort of bus tour.

    A travel agent to organize your individual travel requirements for a specific destination.

    Be warned the BARGAIN price may not be very good for you and your specific disability.

    Do you use a walker? Do you use some huge electric chair weighing hundreds of pounds you expect others to accomadate?

    Is your disability some sort of mental concern that requires you to have lots of attention as you go exploring?

    Do you need some charging place or do you expect everyone to have the stuff to charge your chair.? Do you need oxygen? What type of Supply? It can be arranged it is not kept on hand EVERYWHERE

    Medications?  Self administered or must someone help you?

    Special meal requirements?. EVERYPLACE does not have EVERYTHING.

    ONLY YOU know how much attention you require from a care giver and what you can do for yourself. BE HONEST in your evaluation.

    Just like in able bodied travel NO Agent has EVERY tour on the planet or arranges tours to EVERYWHERE from EVERYWHERE.

    In this particular field of travel there is not a lot of competition just the way it is.

    You are paying for their unseen research on accessibility , suitability for clients, back up medical assistance, backup technical assistance for your stuff and your guides.

    The guides are humans they are not the worlds  experts on every possible medical situation and disability you may have. They ARE NOT YOUR personal medical team.

    Suggest you get a HUMAN travel Agent in your area that specializes in this type of travel. As these types of tours require more staff they are more expensive.

    If YOU DO NOT require all the extra attention for your particular disability travel by some other group.

    If you NEED the extra help then be prepared to pay for it as it can be very expensive.

    Frequently a required travel assistant can go with you at a reduced rate.

    WHERE on planet are you and can you get to the starting place of a tour to that far away to you place?

    Not much point listing a bunch of Agencies that offer tours to places you do not want to go or have tours that you just cannot get to the starting place.

    Here is a list of Many up to you to see if their price gives you good value. DO NOT expect bargains and discounts.

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  • .
    Lv 7
    3 months ago

    Try Mount Vernon, WA.  They have lots of tulips.

    • sapphire3 months agoReport

      I meant a travel group for people with disabilities

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