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What does Intent to Enroll means?

So, my financial aid was suppose to have 1-2 more loans on my account for the fall 2019 semester. I had the same problem the year before which cause me to skip the next semester because they put the loan late on the deadline day to register for class.  The register office sent me a form call Intent to enroll and they told me to fill it out and send it to financial aid and then my financial aid would be paid but I haven't heard anything back from anyone and I called and emailed everyday. classes starts tomorrow and I cant register at all. The form was received and satisfied on Friday but I have no idea what's happening. Deadline for registration is next Wednesday. 

What does the form do with financial aid?

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    Intent to Enroll means just that: that you are planning to enroll in classes for the upcoming semester. Schools have to originate most loans within a set period of enrollment. If you enroll in both the the fall and the spring semesters, your period of enrollment can include both semesters. If you don't enroll for the spring, then your period of enrollment ends with the last day of the fall semester. In most cases, a school can't originate a loan after the period of enrollment ends. At this point, the fall semester is already over, so they can't pay your fall loans to your account unless they have some assurance that you are either currently enrolled, or expect to enroll for the spring semester. The school is asking you to sign a statement that you intend to enroll for the spring semester so they can pay your fall loans to your account, clear your balance, and lift the hold that is preventing you from registering.

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