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Planning to go to Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park from SALT LAKE CITY in early March. My concern is snow for driving.?

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    You are unlikely to encounter enough snow in SLC to be a problem unless you arrive during a blizzard. If that happens then use common sense and wait to drive away from the city until the Highway Department clears the roads. 

    Once you are away from the mountains you are unlikely to encounter snow at all in March.  If there is a late winter or early spring blizzard then again, use common sense.

    The drive from SLC to Arches NP is on main roads.  Arches NP to Canyonlands NP is on a secondary road. It is unlikely to be a problem, but get local advice before you drive to Canyonlands.

    If you do find yourself driving on a snowy or icy road then:

    1.  Slow down.

    2.  Avoid hard braking 

    3.  Avoid hard turns.

    4.  Only apply the brakes when you are moving in a straight line (not in a turn).

    5.  SLOW DOWN.


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    It's possible that there will be snow, but there also might not be. Check the conditions closer to when you plan to go.

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