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Anonymous asked in Business & FinanceInvesting · 3 months ago

How can I restart my social life?

I come from a poor family, so I worked 40+ hours throughout highschool and had a very minimal social life, when I graduated from HS back in 2015 I landed a welding Job making $18/hr I have been working with the company on average 50-60hrs a week I have been working and investing in the stock market since I was 18 I am now 23 years old and have a net worth of $180k give or take mostly invested in index & bluechip stocks. Since I have worked so much I have not had time to socialize with many people my age I have only had a Girlfriend back in Highschool. I plan on cutting my hours to 40/week within the next 2 months since I have put myself in a very good position, my question is how can I get back out there to make new friends, and find a girlfriends, should I just go to a club by myself? I’m really unsure thanks in advance for any answers!

6 Answers

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Signup for some groups on  There are also even bar groups on there.

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  • 3 months ago

    Working 60 hours a week is not excessive and doesn't really impact a social life.

    Go to meet-up events in your area

    Take classes in activities you are interested in.

    Finding a girlfriend - a lot of it happens online.

    Other things - are you living in your own house or apartment?  (roommates = ok; parents = not).

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  • 3 months ago

    One thing for sure, you don't have a chance in heck of restarting a social life if you hang around an anonymous internet message board asking a bunch of Yahoos how to have a social life.

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  • 3 months ago

    1. Don't go to a club if you are looking for friends.  You cannot talk in a you'll find a hookup. 

    2. Find some interests out of work.  Hopefully, they aren't super male dominated activities.  

    3. Are you active in your community in other ways?  How about your local church?  Try a few local younger churches where they might have coffee after their service where you could meet people.  I only bring up churches because every community has them...I'm not religious.  

    4. Go to some local bars on slower nights and make friends.  Try chatting up the bartender (not hitting on her if she is a woman) and try to make a friend.  I have made friends in this way, both at the bar and the bartenders personally. 

    5. You are only 23...I wouldn't be planning to cut back on those hours too aren't going to be able to put in the hours when you are 60.   

    Lastly, this will seem silly, but you'll need to practice.  Try making small talk in line at the convenience or grocery store.  The more comfortable you are with complete strangers, the more likely you are to make a friend.  

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  • 3 months ago

    Not really sure if this world is worth socializing with anymore. In 5 more months I will be 23 years old too. Me and you both graduated in the class of 2015. I guess you could say you're already restarting your social life by asking for help. It doesn't really matter how social you want to be, if nobody wants to be social then it's you talking to yourself. I don't know if was just an illusion or not, but when I was still a kid it seemed like people were more understanding and willing to help. Was this true for you? Nowadays I can't even go to work without having to think twice who is my friend and who is an acquaintance or enemy. It must have just been my imagination. At least that's how I feel about life atm. Consider me as some body who has trust issues. Would you want to get along with me? In the end, does it really matter?

    Edit: I seen friends who were top of the class and had hoped and dreams and they just became the local police officer. Some became Wal-Mart employees.

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    • jaha3 months agoReport

      I figures the college part back when I was in HIghschool thats why I became a welder & just invested in the stock market, it seemed way more secure to me.

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    The best way to get out there and find people you have common interests with is to DO something, not sit at a bar.   

    Take a class, join a club, volunteer, join a sports team.

    What do you like to do?  

    Most cities/counties are full of opportunities...coed sports teams, community gardens, lectures at the library, animal shelter, book clubs, community colleges with adult education and recreational education courses.

    If you REALLY want to meet the ladies, take a dance, cooking or knitting class.   I'm seriously not kidding.

    Do ANYTHING other than be a sad sack sitting at the bar (unless of course you're looking for nothing but a hook-up). 

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