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BUNN VPR coffee maker. Poured in the water and forgot to put a pot on the burner. The water overflowed the burner and got inside the base..?

.... which caused the GFCI outlet to trip off. Now it won't reset. What do I do now?

Updated 3 days ago:

GFCI resets with the machine unplugged. Trips as soon as I plug the machine back in.

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    unplug the coffee maker. dry everything possible. use hair dryer to dry the GFCI outlet for a while, then leave it to finish drying overnight [not with the hair dryer running]. test again. if it still doesn't work, you replace the GFCI

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  • 3 days ago

    Unplug the unit. Disassemble it if possible. Get rid of all water by towel drying. Let it air dry afterward for several days. Reassemble it. MAKE CERTAIN that all electrical parts are dry before reassembly and re-use. ANY "enclosed" electrical parts that may have gotten wet probably should be replaced.

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  • Anonymous
    3 days ago

    EASY 101 - the water is shorting out the burner because it got on the wires. GFCI's are very sensitive to that. And that's a good thing.


     You can take the burner off and dry everything.

    ------------------------ or ----------------------

    Just leave it for a day or so to dry itself. Recommend you tilt the machine slightly to let the water out of the base.

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  • 3 days ago

    burn the evidence and dont let the cops find out

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  • Carson
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    3 days ago

    You unplugged the coffee maker?

    Try using a pencil eraser and and push the reset in further. They can be finicky Still no go?

    Go to your breaker box and check the breaker. If it is off your gfi is junk and needs replaced.

    If the breaker is in the on position: flip it to off. Wait a five count. Switch it on.

    Now try to reset your gfi.

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