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Are foreign exchange students  required to take extra subjects about (i.e. history, literature,  etc.) the country they want to study in? ?

For example, I want to study in the US. Does it require me to take courses about History of America or American Literature, etc.? I am curious on how this works because I’m afraid it might affect the GPA. I feel like residents of US would be likely to get a higher score than the exchange students. US natives have been memorizing or studying their own history, literature, etc. for years already (since grade school untill high school) while foreign exchange students would have to memorize or study it for only a short period of time.

Sorry if there are wrong grammars or vague points. I can’t seem to express my thoughts in English. 

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  • Anonymous
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    Are you a high school or college student? For a high schooler, in my experience, you would take the typical classes of an American student that is in the same grade as you. For example


    junior year I was friends with a French exchange student. She was required to take the same math, history and English classes as the other students in her grade, for my school this ended up being Pre-Calculus, US History I and English Composition. In addition to those three classes, the exchange student also took a variety of electives, including both a gym and an art class.  The student I was friends with ended up doing really well in all of her classes and really enjoyed her stay in the United States. 

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  • drip
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    1 month ago

    Exchange students are usually at the high school for one school year only.  They would not have to take all required subjects to graduate.

    US history is required, but since you are not graduating from an US high school you would need to take it. American literature is reading books by American authors.  You would be reading the required books for the first time just as the other students. I’m sure you have read a fictional book before. You only draw back would be how well you can read and understand English. And that may affect you in all subjects.

    Don’t worry about it.  Just do your best.  Ask for help. Our HS had a group of US student who were a support groups for foreign exchange student 

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    • drip
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      You may want to take US history to learn more about the country. The class doesn’t have a prerequisite. You will learn all you need to know for assignments and tests in the class.

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  • 1 month ago

    A foreign exchange student would take all the courses normally required of an American student in that state/school district. And American History, American Literature, etc, are required during various years of their schooling.

    Don't get overly concerned. Pay attention in class, do the homework - work at it! And don't overestimate how good a lot of US students are, or how much background they have. Some of them are truly pathetic. And for those who are good students, you are perfectly capable of catching up with them. 

    • Jelly1 month agoReport

      I agree. Not all citizens know a lot about their own country. :) Thanks, especially for the words of encouragement! 

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