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Why is my teacher so rude and harsh?

He is a good teacher cause when he explain everyone understand...but he put many rules....he is so strict and always tell us the truth in out faces.....he expect us to follow everything he say correctly and he is really handsome and young but everyone is scared of him


His rules are:1.we must always return our project on time

2.we must ask him for help really early if we want him to help us.

3.We must NEVER Forget our books or copybooks

4.we must always do as he say ,if not he will call our parents and planned a meeting in the school manager's office and decide the punishment

5.Not allowed to walk in the workshop without permission

6.He told us that if we made fun of him,he also know how to make fun of us but we would have to accept it

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    1 month ago
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    So, what's wrong with it?

    I don't see any crazy rules. Those are basic, reasonable, normal school rules. If you didn't have those, school would be a jungle. Students need discipline and that's what rules are for.

    He's not asking for much. He just wants you to be good students and good people.

    He sounds like a great teacher.

    • Katlynn1 month agoReport

      nothing is wrong. when ever they say something. it's a meaning for that. so you can make your carrier 

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  • 1 month ago

    I'm unclear about what the problem is. All of the rules seem perfectly reasonable. The last one is confusing, but he appears to be saying that turn around is fair play.

    Please explain what rules you find rude or harsh? You didn't list any punishment for violating the rules, so maybe that's where you think it is harsh.

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  • 2 months ago

    You really did not explain how he is rude or what his rules are but if you understand his explanations of the subject matter then that is a good thing. If he embarrasses individual students with disparaging remarks then that is not good. You should talk to him if there are tings that you think interfere with your learning and explain that it does that but if you are learning the subject well then putting up with what you call rudeness might be worth it unless it hurts someone to the point they begin to fail the course. 

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  • 2 months ago

    he is a good teacher if he didnt do that then he might not be good and people wud ignore him 

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