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What are Royal Mail steamers like in Nunavut? Travel to Hudson Bay cities?

There is a train I can ride all the way to Churchill Manitoba, but no roads or trains to the cities on the Hudson Bay coast further north. I assume these cities since there is no Nunavut ferry system are served by fairly reliable service on Royal Mail steamships.

What lines operate ocean liners along the Hudson Bay coast? To cities like Arviat, rankin inlet, Igloolik, Repulse Bay, Arctic Bay, Resolute and Griese Fjord.

Do any titanic style luxury liners sail this route? The fights to these cities are EXPENSIVE and I am sure the many Canadians here cant use the flights a lot

There must be an ocean liner service to get to these cities that must look like the little ceramic Christmas villages. How else would the many Canadians travel in this region?

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    How many times are you going to troll this bullsh*t ?

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    The Royal Mail in Canada changed to Postes Canada Post some time in the 1960's.  Mail in the far north goes by air, not ship. Canada Post has no ships that I am aware of.  In fact, the only remaining Royal Mail ship goes from South Africa to Tristan de Cunha in the Atlantic.  And, even that may have ended by now, as they were taking about ceasing it.

    If you want to travel north, basically, you have to fly.  And, yes, it is very expensive.

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    Liners don't pick up casual passengers.

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