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Digital keyboard - keys that light up so you can play along with the song?

My nephew loves Lionel richie and wants to play along with his songs, I am looking for one of those digital keyboards that has the song library and the keys light up, showing you how to play the song.

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    Some Casio and (I think) Yamaha keyboards have that facility, but the only ones I've actually had direct experience with worked from plug-in ROM cartridges, each with a very limited range of children's songs.

    (I wanted one for a young relative a few years back).

    The latest Casio versions (LK- series from the look of it) are a lot more advanced in styling at least, and have better keys - eg.

    However, looking through the user manual for one (the LK-280) the lessons feature seems to only work with the built-in songs, which are mostly old / classical.

    Manual here:

    See around page 68 or 70 for the song list..

    I suspect that each piece has to be specially written and programmed to work with the interactive light system, so you cannot just use any random piece of music with it.

    The keyboard itself can still be used to play anything, just not using the lighted key guide system.

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