Explain the relationship between the following elements:?

1. Tower of Babel

2. Newspeak (Orwell, 1984, pub 1949)

3. physiological limitations on capacity for vocabulary retention

4. the Zeitgiest

I am trying to explore the story that would connect these four things. how are they related; how are they different; what does a Venn Diagramm containing these elements look like?

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  • 4 days ago

    One common point : forcing  speakers to get confused while using any language because of its scarcity to be fully understood.

    The first two : language is used to limit its users.

    The next two: natural condition causing to respect an importance of accurate articulation while naming reality

    1 and 3 : divine and natural (flesh) diversity

    2 and 4 : artificial and natural (time) diversity

    Draw it yourself.


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  • The tower of babel was the national racial religious group distinctions become evident and all were speaking in their own opinion, language like a rude awakening, a self awareness, where groups convened and reverted back to their natural origin.

    News media embroiled within the diverseness of a social stratosphere myriad in its ideologies spoke in offsetting tomes, purely for the objective of stability and social balance. Insodoing news incidences were overlooked and incorporated into a general representation of the order of incidents, things happening in the specific society. where tensions of one kind arise, they are invariably offset with positive stories to avert hostilities.

    3. Limitations on critique regarding racial religious national distinctions was prohibited, referring instead to vague blurring of issues of natives regarding the rights of each.

    4. Zeitgeist - the prevalence of a spiritual order of ethics, scruples of puritanical virtue being opposed by the hierarchal religious racial royal order of the age, in direct conflict with reference to values, morality, ideological beliefs, ethics, versus assigned to benevolence for religious orders and the power they wield, generally in conflict with the free spirited culture and nature of the nation or society.

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  • j153e
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    5 days ago

    Perhaps the in-common essence (cf Venn overlapping) = communication.

    Tower of Babel decreases group to group idea communication.

    Newspeak decreases all communication by a) leninist tactic of limiting or shaping word-idea and b) reducing vocabulary (together, ~ = meme of "we're all dumber from listening to this fake news").

    Zeitgeist has two imports:  a) shaping or in-forming the spirit of the time/era--a kind of egregore--and b) as "invisible hand," its axioms are no more evident to the communicators than water is to a fish (Whitehead's point re perspective in philosophy of an age).

    As you use in combination physiology and capacity for vocabulary limitation, would differentiate physiology as ~ anatomy in motion, at both macroscopic and microscopic levels.

    Macroscopically, speech impediments such as "cleft palate" limit certain various sounds native to the mother tongue of the sufferer; the limitation of ideation correlated with severe disability is similar to decrease of both inter- and intra-personal communication, a literal "dumbing down" and potential lessening of "in-telling" or "intelligence."  Macroscopic physiological conditions may therefore reduce vocabulary memory retention. 

    Newspeak is as an intentional "cleaving" of the ability to memorialize some sound/word groups, by reduction of a culture's words/ideas.

    The Tower of Babel is typically portrayed as an egalitarian reduction for all groups, so is not as analogous to the macrophysiological pathology process, which is more one-way, potentially reducing the ability of a single individual to send his or her ideas forth, and perhaps even to memorialize them.

    Microscopic physiological processes regarding vocabulary retention are primarily understood to be neurochemically memory-basing.  Lessened synaptic interconnection, which presumably would correlate with lowered inter- and intra-communications, is correlated--although correlation is not necessarily causation--with schizophrenic symptomatology.

    Newspeak is possibly a way of both dumbing down and also increasing the schizophrenic syndrome pattern in a given population.   Such symptomatology is depicted in the crescendo of suspicion and manipulation in the ultimate portion of "1984," wherein the protagonist or "last man standing" (a kind of schizophrenic symptom of grandeur, Winston as an hegelian world historical figure) experiences delusions and hallucinations in real (i.e., in the novel's fictional or virtual) time--voices of "world historical" Newspeak as writ small into the MC--feelings of being "watched," hallucinations of "worst fear(s)" (e.g. in the case of Winston, "rats in a cage over one's head."  Another symptom of schizoid behavior is confused or jumbled speech (or writing, etc.), which was the author's bugaboo, and his remedies re which are classic, helpful, useful.

    Thus, the schizogenic import of the controlling Soviet or Fascist or National Socialist overlords is more malignant than Nietzsche's cow herd--Overmen gone wild, sociopathy re which Plato's strict limitations on Guardians' personal property accumulation, and their positive moral education, are intended to obviate--and, in some significant respects, the governance within each of the three world governments is schizogenic--both within the governing unit, e.g. Newspeak, and in projective "enemy is out there" typical totalitarian shtick of e.g. marxism/communism, national socialism (the "other" is the non-national citizen--a kind of "culture cancelling").  This is somewhat ironic--e.g. communist ideology (a dreadfully dysfunctional psychological assessment), imposing behavioral norms onto humanity, typically and historically has gotten and continues to get it murderously wrong.  (Maslow's health-focused research shows a better way forward, as in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslow's_hierarchy_o... in which the Confucian emphasis is on self-accountability, based on e.g. Platonic choose-your-path education and vocation, with a tweaking for more mid-career reeducational opportunities.)

    A second type of microphysiological process regulating memory re vocabulary retention, is the natural, healthy process called "protein-synthesis-dependent long-term memory,"  Within this natural process, a primary set of genes upregulates its downstream molecular activity, and synchronistically a second set of genes (Ras) downregulates its downstream molecular activity (Raf), all thus serving facilitating movement of memories to long-term storage status.  (This type of push-me, pull-you reciprocity is not uncommon in physiological processes; e.g., in sleep, voluntary muscle movement is inhibited by one set of neurohormones, and this activity is downregulated as one awakens, with the complementary set of neurohormones enabling voluntary muscle movement upregulating.  In the young, a split-second lack of smooth coordination may produce sleep paralysis; it usually heals or diminishes as the person matures.)

    The ultimate schizophrenia in "1984" is the anomie of less and less inner Child love one to another, and its replacement by a promiscuous childish cult of sex as death to the inner Child, which anomie enables the herd to be more easily manipulated.  Thus the enduring value/message of "1984" includes the authentic "last man standing" in a milieu in which Venn circles of increasing distortion of Ideas come together in the perfect tragedy of state-as-god, with the sad irony that those "wizards of smart" who sociopathically claim superior "intelligentsia" status, even by mere present cultural memes, reduce the very humanity of the kulaks or Confucianists or Aryans whom they sought to valorize by top-down totalitarian "nudges."

    Related popular books:

    "The True Believer" and other works by Eric Hoffer;

    "Tavistock Institute" by Daniel Estulin;

    "The Illuminati" by Jim Marrs;

    "The New Totalitarian Temptation: Global Governance and the Crisis of Democracy in Europe;"

    "Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends;"

    "The Soulless One;"

    and a typical recent example of the "totalitarian temptation" which surfaced in the "Weather Underground" "infantile leftism" (aka frustration leading to violence against a putatively oppressive regime) ( https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Ayers and a more "conservative" version of the Wikipedia entry at https://www.conservapedia.com/William_Ayers ; the contrast and emphasis of reportage is symptomatic of the rather polarized and again generationally indoctrinated U.S. scene ) and now again e.g.


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