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Macbook Pro BootCamp?

It's my first time using a Macbook Pro and I need to also run Windows for a programming class. I'm confused on how exactly Bootcamp works. I know you can decide the amount of space you want the MacOS and Windows to have but I'm confused on some other things. 

- If I have passwords saved or folders saved on my desktop, after running Windows, what happens to all of those things? Do they transfer over to the Windows part as well or get erased?- Can you go back to MacOS only if I no longer want Windows?

- Is it possible to run only Windows so my laptop runs laster with just one operating system? 

Kinda new to this, thanks to anyone who can help!

Updated 5 days ago:

**I have the 2019 Macbook Pro incase it's different for other models**

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  • Chris
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    Your hard drive will be split into separate parts called partitions. One for MacOS, one for Windows. When you cold start or restart the Macbook, you can select which OS to use.

    Anything you store on the hard drive will remain on the hard drive, whether you boot up the other OS in between or not. It's basically two machines using the same keyboard and screen, each with its own hard drive.

    According to a quick Google search, Bootcamp provides HFS+ drivers for Windows. This means that while booted to Windows, you can read the Mac partition.

    And since MacOS supports reading NTFS, you can also read the Windows partition while booted to MacOS.

    (Both are read-only; to change the other OS's user files you need 3rd party software)

    So out of the box, you can for instance open an image in Mac OS you downloaded while using Windows.

    Having just one OS won't make your laptop faster, no. And getting a MacbookPro to run only Windows is a colossal waste of money (but since buying any Apple product already is, go ahead)

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  • 5 days ago

    Your Windows OS on your Macbook is isolated from macOS. None of your files on your Mac will be available on your Windows installation.

    Installing Windows on your Mac doesn't erase macOS, unless you really want to. However, this will make your computer extremely overpriced if you only intend to run Windows on it. It makes absolutely no sense to do it, but you can if you want.

    You will be able to choose which OS to boot from when you turn on your computer.

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