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Daniel asked in SportsMartial Arts · 3 months ago

A really (scary), dilemma/chaotic karate (technique) question-?

At Karate class, I heard one of student asked Sensei- "What would I do at a place with what someone's doing that which I do not know what it is", & if Sensei answered "Don't be there"(Don't know what else he said after that), do you think this is really right thing to do-is to not be there?

What if I would like to think of any really good technique for that if I may really would like to do something to that?

Or what would that be, or what would that person be doing that what we don't know what that is? (Perhaps in the dark with what you don't know what it is doing to you?)

2 Answers

  • Bon
    Lv 6
    3 months ago

    You really need to learn to write or stop using online translators. Your question is barely understandable. The only thing you wrote that is comprehensible is what the sensei stated, "Don't be there..." which is something many martial art teachers who know what they are talking about will say.

    Training and being a martial artists does not mean you can throw caution to the wind and take any risks and chances you want. No matter how good you are, you are not invincible. You still have to use your brain and common sense to avoid situations where you cannot get out off. Asking for all the techniques for all the possible situations you can think of is like asking your math teacher for every single possible additions of every combination and permutation all the numbers and hoping to memorize each instead of understanding what is a sum and how to calculate it.

    Martial art training is not about memorizing every single techniques that exists and hoping one of them will get you out of whatever situation there may be. It is about UNDERSTANDING the reason/principles that the techniques are based upon, and how to apply them to them appropriately.

    "Don't be there," means to recognize a dangerous situation and its potentials and AVOID it before you get into it because in life there are no win situations where you cannot win and the ONLY way you can survive them is to avoid them or not get yourself into one.

    • Lv 4
      3 months agoReport

      good answer

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    if you need to think about the technique before you use it, then you a'ready loss.

    A technique should be a reflex and not a though.

    The sensei is correct, avoid rather then look for trouble. You will run into enough trouble over your life time dont go looking for it

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