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my led strip lights aren't working properly, is there something wrong with them?

I have a remote for my led lights and something weird is happening when I use it.  The very bottom row of colors (starting with the yellow) and the whole column under white wasn't working. Whenever I tried to press one of those buttons, the lights would turn to that particular color for like half a second, then they would completely turn off, and turn back on and start flashing red, blue, and green. I only recently discovered that the only way to get those colors to work is to lower the brightness before selecting them, why is that? 

The same thing happens when I press the DIY or fade buttons. when I press the fade button, the lights start fading for a second before turning off and flashing red, blue, and green. and I know that the DIY button is supposed to turn the lights to white and let you adjust the colors, however, the same problem happens. it turns white for a second before flashing. lowering the brightness doesn't help with this problem. is there any way I can fix this?

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    3 days ago

    Yes, it's true of most things that if they aren't working properly there is something wrong.  That's what is known as "your first clue".

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